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From 2004 to 2006, I want back to London for family reasons.  During my time back in London, I worked at Totaljobs Group for two years. I loved my time at this company, it worked so well for me. Totaljobs Group is the UK’s no.1 company running multiple job boards(For example:,,  They have over 6million job seekers and 2million applications monthly and 110K jobs live at any moment in time.

I was on contract for two years and was Project Delivery Manager responsible for 20 people, PMs, BAs, Architects, Developers. During my tenure, we engaged Conchango Consulting and worked with Ken Schwaber, the founding father of SCRUM. I loved spending time with Ken, He was quite cranky about all the fuss with SCRUM, in his own words, it is about the principles: transparency, inspection, adaption implemented with time boxing, iterative development and prioritisation. It is not about the process, the process is just a way to deliver the principles and get an outcome. It is not a silver bullet, it is a simple delivery framework, nothing more. I love this, and I completely agree. So many people expect agile to solve all their problems, it doesn' still need to choose the right projects, have a good team, know what you want , prioritise well and then use a good methodology to deliver, like agile, which allows you to check along the way to see if your assumptions where correct, if not, you can change your plan.





Project Name


New Website Automation



Budget - Medium

Method - Agile

DescriptionTo allow the business to roll out job boards into new verticals, i.e. retail, IT, sales, casual, part time with minimal IT involvement

Measure of Success

  1. Creation of a white label job board

  2. Provide the ability to roll out new job boards quickly using the white label site

  3. Enable IT to reduce the amount of time it spends supporting job boards to support the future business needs and requirements

Project Name





Budget - Small

Method - Iterative

DescriptionIdentify scalability issues and fix

Measure of Success

  1. Create a dashboard to measure website performance

  2. Define tolerance levels

  3. Identify when tolerance are reached and why

  4. Test what happens at max capacity

  5. Iteratively fix performance issues

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