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Let's cut through the BS and build a fast & adaptive organisation​

You wanted to be a fast and adaptive organisation (who doesn't?).


✔️ You hired the best Agility expert. 

✔️ You figured out the best framework.

✔️ You created an impeccable strategy and an impressive roadmap. 

✔️ You rolled it out.

❌ But, it failed?

Don't worry; you're not alone. With 63% of organisations currently transitioning to agile, the desire for organisational agility and speed to market is real.


It is predicted that over 50% of existing companies will be replaced within the next 10 years.

But agile is neither the hot potato solution for organisational success, nor is it dead as some may suggest. It's simply a tool that needs to be used correctly to yield results. That's where my 30 years of experience come in.

In my new book, I share my expertise and pragmatic approach, translating it into actionable advice that can help you achieve success.

Don't let failure hold you back!

Grab a copy today and you'll be helping to raise funds for STEM Sisters' iStem Co. initiative.



iSTEM Co. is a research, consulting and talent-sourcing company dedicated to women in STEM (including WoC/women from CALD).

These are some alarming statistics that highlight the need for organisations such as iSTEM Co. 

  • Women represent only 29% of the university-qualified STEM workforce in Australia

  • Only 12% of women are working in Construction and Engineering in

  • STEM Women face a gender pay gap of 22% Australia

  • Australian STEM women born overseas experience over four times higher unemployment


Supporting women in STEM as incredible benefits for us all.

  • Australian economy would grow by $25 billion if more women are supported into work

  • Racially diverse executive teams provided an advantage of 35% higher EBIT and 33% more long-term value creation.

What readers say

About time someone told it as it is.
Took away plenty of hints and tricks that I plan to implement.

George P

This book explores the question ‘Is this the end of agility?’ in five parts:

  1. Is this the END of agility? What went wrong?

  2. WHO has achieved mastery and what do they do differently?

  3. WHAT is agility and how can you avoid the most common pitfalls?

  4. Putting the WHY into your agility journey.

  5. HOW to custom design your organisational agility journey.

Susan Abishara will help you finally understand agile and how it can help your organisation. The impact this will have on your business will be extraordinary.

Grab your copy today and help raise funds towards STEM Sisters.

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