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Robert Walters Executive Talks

Susan Abishara[Speaker]

Transformers - The Insider Cut

Transformations can be tricky…

This was a topical and timely conversation starter at last month’s Transformers Unite (AusTTA) event which explored the highs and lows of Transformations. 

It was fabulous to see a packed audience of transformation professionals eager to hear the insights from our panellists Susan Abishara and Steve Lawrence

As a change practitioner it’s so important to have opportunities to share our stories and learn from industry peers. 

I found it was a refreshing and enlightening experience. 

There were so many gems - here’s my top ten takeaways…

1/ Understand the drivers: what is the purpose and organisational benefit of your transformation?

2/ Define value and measure progress: this needs to be customer focused!

3/ It helps if your CEO is onboard for the duration: this can be a common challenge with multi-year programs...

4/ Avoid the ‘T’ word: use simple, relatable language that creates emotional connection 

5/ Create alignment early through co-design: this is essential to build ownership and accountability 

6/ Normalise continuous change: commit to a structured and coordinated approach to organisational change and switch your narrative from change fatigue to change fitness 

7/ Speak the truth: transformations are tiring; failure is normal 

8/ Seek bold leadership: invest time and create space to prioritise at the leadership table 

9/ Understand what motivates: don’t underestimate the power of positional status 

10/ Cultivate psychological safety: create a supportive environment where it’s safe to speak up.

What resonates with you?

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