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Project Director
Delivery and Transformation


SAFe 4.0, Scrum Master, PMP, BSc. Computer Science(Hons)

Success = Vision + Strategy + Execution

This is a well known, simple formula to success. Many companies spend a lot of time, money and resourcing defining  and refining their vision and strategy. These same companies assume that successful execution 'just happens' at functional level

This is a very costly mistake

The rules of competitiveness are changing— and businesses must fire on all cylinders to keep pace with the unprecedented demands for speed, scale and flexibility in today’s marketplace. Since 2000, 60 percent of Australia’s top ASX 200 companies have ceased to exist due to liquidations, mergers, acquisition or other factors. And 73 percent of the ASX 200 companies are no longer in the top 200 companies today.

Change Maker 

I assist organisations convert a great strategy into focussed execution and success. My approach is about maximum results with minimal time and money. I am passionate about what I do, I want your organisation to succeed. 

The Impact Method - My Playbook

I have translated 30 years experience and translated into a playbook, this is how I make change happen successfully. 


My speciality is high performance organisations  via

1. Strategy into actionable roadmap for results

2. Nurturing high performance teams

3. Focus on speed by reducing wastage and cost

4. Commercially driven digital investments

5. Diversified portfolios 

My Philosophy

1. Keep it simple

2. Deliver in short, sharp bursts

3. Measure what matters

4. Continuously improve

5. Frequent Delivery

I am an agile fan, but I am not an evangelist, I strongly believe in 'fit for purpose' and the only measure being business outcome. I believe people get results, not process and therefore focus on influencing, enabling and supporting people to be the best they can be.

I love to share my stories and inspirations by writing about my experiences, check them out here

I open my calendar weekly for drop in coffees, please reach out and say hi

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