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From strategy to
focused execution & success

Execution is everything

Strategy is overrated; execution is everything. I'm not suggesting the absence of a strategy; I'm merely emphasizing that, without the ability to translate it into reality, it becomes nothing more than a document on a shelf—collecting dust.

More importantly - fast execution is critical. Speed wins. 

To win in market, you have two choices - Be first or be the best. 


Digital first business strategies and transformations are taking the world by storm.  The need for speed to market is more crucial than ever. Every organization needs to 'get fit' if it wants to survive and compete in market. 


To succeed, organizations need to build 3 muscle groups

  1.  Outcomes first, fast, frequently

  2.  Behavioral led cultural change

  3.  Self learning organization


I have custom designed my own evidence based method to help organizations turn paper strategies into reality. 

There are 3 horizons to transforming

  • Mobilization

  • Momentum

  • Maximize

Where do we start? 

  • Organizational fitness test

  • Baseline performance and health 

  • 10 key measures - evidence based

 I love what I do, I hope it shows, I released a best selling book in 2023 that is available online and in all leading bookstores nationwide (Dymocks). Organizations need to embrace digital first strategies and successful execution. Let me show you how.

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Book Reviews

Susan Abishara - I have just finished your book and it was absolutely amazing - thank you for doing this - you saved me months as I wanted to do a book and it would have covered virtually everything you spoke about - you just did it much more eloquently - highly recommended to all Agilists and business leaders.

It is the best book I have read in ages and it is definitely the best book I have read in the agile space.

Myles Hopkins 

Business Architect | World Agility Forum Winner (2020 and 2021)


Hi, I am Susan

Change Maker

(a.k.a Head of Digital, Strategic Execution and Performance)

Executive level, Technology Leader and an expert in high-performance organizations. I  help businesses convert a great strategy into focused execution and success. I pride myself on nurturing high-performance teams, fostering a culture of speed and efficiency by reducing wastage and cost. 


My approach is about maximum results with minimal time and money. I am passionate about what I do, I want your organisation to succeed. 

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