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From strategy to
focused execution & success

Read my book?

It's time to address the 'elephant in the room'.

Digital transformation taking the world by storm and the need for speed to market is more crucial than ever. Organisational agility is often the desired path to success. But, does it really work?

Despite providing huge benefits for many organisations over the years, agile is now as divisive a topic as religion and politics. Who would have thought a term coined over 20 years ago by a bunch of developers would have such an impact?!

In this book, I cut through the hype and the BS to help you finally understand agile and how it can help your organisation.

Hint: It's not about the frameworks.

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Hi, I am Susan

I am a Change Maker

a.k.a Head of Strategic Execution and Performance 

I'm an expert in high-performance organisations, and I help businesses convert a great strategy into focussed execution and success. I pride myself on nurturing high-performance teams, fostering a culture of speed and efficiency by reducing wastage and cost. 


My approach is about maximum results with minimal time and money. I am passionate about what I do, I want your organisation to succeed. 

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