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Insuranceline is the no.1. direct insurance company in Australia, with a heavy focus on providing funeral insurance directly to consumer via a variety of inbound and outbound sales channels. My role at Insuranceline was Head of Project Delivery, responsible for a cross-functional team of up to 70 people, PMs, BAs, Architects, Developers and Testers. When I arrived, Insuranceline was part way through a digital transformation and re-architecting the systems so that consumers could self serve online. The goal of the transformation was to enable new policies to be added into the system without the need of going through IT for every policy change. There were obviously a  heap of complexities associated with this, 80% contractor base, an existing system that no one really understood how it worked, technically, however, it worked well from a user perspective, albeit clunky.

My role focussed on department management, providing a vision, identifying our current challenges, putting a prioritised roadmap in place whilst enabling scalability and reducing costs. I dedicated a lot of time improving the relationship between my team and the business. I achieved a good result by team that delivered enhancements/quick wins. I ran a very visible PR programme for my team which frequently showcased what business value we delivered and how much work we completed. I also introduced the team to agile and brought in some people to lead the charge with agile.


TAL, Insuranceline's underwriter, bought Insuranceline in 2008 and manage it out of their HQ in Sydney.





Insurance Re-Architecture/ETHiL



Budget - Large

Method - Agile

DescriptionTo create a new insurance system that would allow consumers to buy insurance online and/or allow frontline staff to perform customer administration - Full E2E insurance system

Measure of Success

  1. To enable customers to buy insurance online

  2. To allow new products to be added via customisation rather than software change

  3. To implement a new IT methodology to enable IT to keep up with stakeholder requests

  4. To allow the business to pilot new insurance types to consumers quickly and easily

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