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High-performing employee

Credit: Original Content Creator: Chris Donnelly 

1. They can lead others and set an example (even without the title)

↳ Clearly demonstrate leadership without it being asked of you.

2. They always find solutions and don’t complain about problems

↳ When problems appear don't point fingers, just start solving.

3. They are humble in victory and take ownership of mistakes

↳ Be accountable and humble for both your wins and losses.

4. They support and celebrate their colleagues' progression

↳ Celebrate your peer's wins as if they are your own wins.

5. They protect their time and energy for what is important

↳ Understand the importance of prioritising your tasks.

6. They are always open to new ideas and opportunities

↳ Embrace change and be able to can adapt quickly.

7. They treat everyone equally, no matter their position.

↳ Treat others how you would want to be treated.

8. They focus on impact and not just their KPIs

↳ Do more than what is expected of you.

9. They stand up against micromanagement

↳ Help achieve a healthy company culture.

10. They actively listen before they speak

↳ Don't speak based on your impulse.

11. They consistently upskill themselves

↳ Strive to constantly be 1% better.

12. They never gossip about others

↳ Avoid office drama at all costs.


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